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Tease Wellness Tea

Tease Wellness Tea

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15 tea bags per package

After Party is a recovery support blend featuring tomato, beet and hints of spice so you can focus on the day ahead instead of last night. Caffeine Level- None

Aim Chai is boldly flavoured with a blend of Black tea and traditional South Indian spices, with  decadent chocolate notes., supports energy to go after those ambitious goals. Caffeine Level - High

Chill Out Cherry is a restoring blend of ashwagandha and notes of cherry to help "keep chill" when life starts to feel a little wild. Caffeine Level - None

Duchess of Earl is a sophisticated spin on a classic favourite, with hints of rose and creamy notes leaving your feeling energized and regal with every sip. Caffeine Level - High

Glow & Grow is a floral, beauty-boosting blend featuring lavender and nettle to strengthen and grow hair and nails. Caffeine Level - None

Golden Slumbers is a calming blend to guide you from the stresses of the world, straight into dreamland. Caffeine Level - None

Hocus Focus is a mystical brew featuring yerba mate and ginkgo to help through everything on your to-do list. Caffeine Level - High

In The Flow is a menstruation support blend featuring soothing dandelion leaf to get back into the flow during your monthly flow. Caffeine Level - None

Maté Boost is an energy and metabolism boosting blend with citrusy finish to keep on top of your game (and your inbox!) Caffeine Level - Medium

Midnight Mint is a calming blend of peppermint, rooibos and rose to transition from hustle to relax mode. Caffeine Level - None

Mother's Helper: Moms rejoice, we have a tea just for you! Mother's Helper tea is a blend of strawberries and papaya with a green tea base made to raise energy and mood. Caffeine Level - Medium 

Peach, Please is a juicy blend with hydrating peach and hibiscus flower to forget about worries and get into relax mode. Caffeine Level - None 

Self Care Elixir is an Ayurvedic inspired blend with hints of citrus and cinnamon, featuring super-herb Moringa to elevate self care rituals. Caffeine Level - None

Turmeric Tonic is a spicy and sweet anti-inflammatory blend to help you conquer all of your adventures. Caffeine Level- None

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