About Us

We're a floral & lifestyle boutique in Belmont Village that also specializes in gift boxes and amazing events. We've become the go-to florist in Kitchener & Waterloo, and beyond, and we've loved every minute of it.

Read on to learn how we came to be.

Our Story

I named my new shop after my two girls, because it represents the best part of them, and they’re the best parts of me. Harper is easygoing, sensitive, and incredibly creative, and Finley is energetic, adventurous and expressive. They both love HARD, just like I do. And that’s what I wanted my business to be. 

My girls have taken on the best parts of myself and of my husband, and have become absolutely incredible daughters. I want them to never forget who they are, and to know that they can and must follow their passions.

They deserve a legacy and an empire.


Meet Our Founder

Hi! I’m Ainsley, I am the Owner/Founder, and Creative Designer of Harp & Fin.

I have been described as a small town girl with big city talent. Growing up in the small northern town of Timmins, Ontario, I was raised with the core values of hard work and being true to myself, pillars that have defined my business and the creative flare that I bring to every project. My family gradually moved to Southern Ontario, where I brought my sense of adventure and creative energy to the KW Region. I'm happily married to my husband Dave and am a proud mamma to my two beautiful daughters, Harper and Finley.

You may see the girls visiting the studio from time to time, as I love the energy they bring. I consistently aspire to show them the passion for hard work and their love for all things floral as well. I am drawn to natural edgy designs or simply styled indulgences in floral or gifts, and love hand-picking each stem or item to see how it can become part of something gorgeous.

Our everyday floral and specialty gifts make people smile and impact relationships with a message that words may difficult to express. I know you will find a feeling of home within our shop, with service that is unmatched, authentic and individualized. My team and I have created an online and in-studio environment that meets the needs of the Kitchener and surrounding areas to make your floral and gift giving simple, significant and beautiful.

Come on in - you will find my team and I ready to bring your vision to life. 

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