The Story of Harp & Fin

The Story of Harp & Fin

When I became a mom, I knew that I needed to go back to my roots, and back to where it all began. Motherhood changed me in so many ways, or at least showed me who I really was and what I wanted out of life. It’s like it set my priorities straight, and brought me home – to my husband, to my family, and to my community.

My very first job was in Belmont Village, but as I was growing up, I had dreams of living and working in the big city. I was known as the small-town girl with big city talent, and I was determined to put that talent to use in a big, downtown firm as an interior designer. I went through all the steps necessary, and had incredible opportunities lined up, but at 8 months pregnant, I turned to my husband and said “no Dave, this isn’t for me.” I quit my full-time job and started Fresh Look Design. I knew that I had gone in the right direction when, five days after giving birth to my first girl, Harper, I was right back to work.

I had finally found my passion.

The Floral Studio Co. came to light with my love of flowers and of gift-giving. I wanted to bring great products to my community, and I’ve really enjoyed my time working in weddings and events with Fresh Look Design, and in gift-giving and floral with the Floral Studio co. With my businesses pulling me in all directions, I realized I wanted to refocus on the design and floral aspect that I loved so much. With the refinement of FLD and really focusing on the boutique side of things is how Harp & Fin has become a reality.

The Floral Studio co., as it was, was never meant to be the end goal. After years of self-reflection, reconnecting with my community, and the birth of my second girl, Finley, I realized what it was that I genuinely wanted. I wanted something for my girls – something that empowers them and something for them to strive for. I wanted something that WAS them.

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And so, Harp & Fin was born. It’s been years in the making, but the Floral Studio co. was always meant to transform into Harp & Fin. I went back to my roots, grounded in my family, and my dream was realized.

Harp & Fin is set up in Belmont Village, the same area of KW where I started with my first job. My goal is to bring back to Belmont Village the positivity and welcoming energy I always felt there when I was growing up, and I know I can do this through Harp & Fin.

I named my new shop after my two girls, because it represents the best part of them, and they’re the best parts of me. Harper is easygoing, sensitive, and incredibly creative, and Finley is energetic, adventurous and expressive. They both love HARD, just like I do. And that’s what I wanted my business to be. My girls have taken on the best parts of myself and of my husband, and have become absolutely incredible daughters. I want them to never forget who they are, and to know that they can and must follow their passions. They deserve a legacy and an empire.

This is for them.

For my two wonderful and loving girls.

For Harp & Fin, my bugga boos.

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