What are Eucalyptus Shower Bundles?

What are Eucalyptus Shower Bundles?

At the end of a challenging day, nothing sounds better than a long, steamy bath filled with bath bombs and our favourite bath salts – especially during the colder months! 2021 was definitely stressful for all of us, and it’s really no wonder why we’ve all had a few more baths than we’re typically used to. There are so many ways to relieve stress, and a bath is just one of many great options. Maybe you’re looking to switch it up and try something different on your self care journey. So, what are some ways we can take our self care routines up a notch? Simple. Try adding eucalyptus bundles in your shower! 

If you’re looking to make your shower an at-home spa, we can help you with that! Before we dive in too deep, let’s start with the basics. Hanging eucalyptus bundles in your shower has become extremely popular over the past year through Instagram and TikTok trends due to the amazing health benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about our favourite eucalyptus bundles:


It’s just a eucalyptus bundle that you hang in your shower! But here’s why doing this has become a staple in the self-care routine of so many of us:

When you hang a eucalyptus shower bundle from your shower head, you’re actually unraveling stress, alleviating pain, and even boosting your respiratory health. The steam from your hot shower will release eucalyptus essential oils right into the air. As you breathe all that goodness in, your body is benefiting from its healing properties! Sounds amazing, right? Eucalyptus shower bundles are so good for you, and if we’re being honest, we’re absolutely obsessed with them!


Here at Harp & Fin, we’re all about providing you with the best of the best, and that means eucalyptus bundles that have more than one use! Love the idea of a eucalyptus bundle, but aren't as excited about hanging it in your shower? No worries, here's what else you can do with this gorgeous greenery. 


Eucalyptus as decor

Add a little green to your space with fresh eucalyptus! Want it to last a little longer? Eucalyptus bundles actually dry out really well, so it’s a great option for those who would love some plants inside their home, but aren’t very good at keeping them alive! Fresh or dry, eucalyptus bundles look stunning in any home. Pop them into your favourite vase and watch your home transform. 

Eucalyptus as an air freshener

Fresh eucalyptus leaves can be used to freshen up your home, not just your shower! If you place the bundles into a vase or jar, your home will smell amazing for about 1-2 weeks. 


Eucalyptus closet refreshers

This is one of our favourites! Collect the dried leaves from your eucalyptus bundle and stuff it into a thin sock. Place the sock in your clothing drawers or hang it in your closet to keep all your clothes smelling fresh. It’ll level up that freshly washed smell we all love so much! For a fun touch, add dried flowers to create a scent that’s unique to you!. 

Eucalyptus as herbal tea

Once the leaves have dried, you can actually make some calming tea. Crumble up those leaves and place them into a loose leaf tea pincer to start steeping. Drinking this as a tea could help relieve cold symptoms, chest congestion, and even headaches. If you are pregnant, we advise you to consult with your doctor before trying this one! 

There you have it! Eucalyptus bundles make wonderful additions to your home, regardless of how you choose to use them. Did we convince you to try them out? We certainly hope so! We sell fresh eucalyptus bundles online and in store, so stop by and check them out, or go ahead and add them right to your online cart!. 

Be careful though, eucalyptus can be toxic for animals and small children. We advise those with furry friends or littles ones to be cautious of where you use it or speak to a doctor!

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