How to Build Your Own Bouquet

How to Build Your Own Bouquet

Did you know that you can come by and build your very own bouquet at Harp & Fin when we run our Floral Bar or if you rent the Floral Bar for your next event? It's always such a hit - kids love the activity, adults love the customization, and we're always so impressed with what you're able to put together!
A Floral Bar is a fun activity for a weekend afternoon, and the perfect addition to bridal showers, birthday parties, and so much more.
Do you need a few tips on how to make your bouquet the best it can be? We've got you covered! Here are our BEST tips for creating a bouquet that you're going to love.

1) Texture

Play around with the texture to create a bouquet that's gorgeous AND interesting. It's the way to take your arrangement to the next level - adding texture adds contrast, and the eye loves contrast. There's a reason texture is an actual Principle of Design!

2) Mix colour for the most fun

It's your chance to go a little crazy! While we do love all-white arrangements, more colour is more fun, so try stepping away from the monochromatic colour palette and go for something that has a few more colours in it! Try choosing your favourite colour, or a colour that makes you excited this season! You can't go wrong here.

3) Layer greenery

Greenery is so important in a floral arrangement. It's all about creating balance and adding more visual interest. Plus, greenery can help bouquets look even more fresh! So don't be shy with adding greenery - use it to fill any open spots, and it can even help the floral you chose stand out even more!

4) Have fun

This is probably the most important tip! No matter what you do, it's important that you're having fun. Don't worry too much about the rules or trying to make things look "professional" - it's more important that you HAVE FUN making your bouquet.

So make that bouquet exactly how you want, and enjoy knowing that YOU MADE IT!

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