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Wilhelm's Sauces
Wilhelm's Sauces

Wilhelm's Sauces

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This time-tested European condiment is a delicate mixture of all-natural spices, providing a mild curry flavour perfect for fries and burgers. A versatile sauce, it is also a great compliment to chicken, pork, eggs, and even casseroles.

Full List of Ingredients: Allen’s pure white vinegar, sugar, water, crushed tomatoes, sea salt, curry powder, xanthan gum, ground ginger, star anise, paprika, cloves, nutmeg, mustard seed, cinnamon
Contains: Mustard


A sophisticated balance of sake, soy and habanero infuse this marinade with sweet and spicy notes sure to heighten the flavour profile of your dish. Use our Sweet Heat Marinade to prepare a Korean-inspired stir-fry, or try it as a marinade for pork, beef or chicken.


Savoury and sweet, this bold barbecue sauce blend gets its richness, tang, and texture courtesy of crushed tomatoes, Red Circle espresso coffee, and porter beer. Our signature Coffee Porter Barbecue Sauce is a fitting companion for wings, ribs, or any other barbecue under the sun.


 **Crafted in partnership with Red Circle Brewing & Coffee.**