Sunday Morning Dream Session

Sunday Morning Dream Session

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It’s always nice to reflect on your feelings, thoughts, dreams, even fears. The relationship you have with yourself is just as important as one with someone else. Our Sunday Morning Dream Session box includes a notebook, tea and beauty products to get you in the right headspace for diving deep into who you are!

Here's what's in the box:

  • Tealish Chai Darling Tea
  • Centre & Main Pistachio Chocolate Bar
  • Beige Notebook
  • Peach Pen
  • Artifact Skin Co. Cinnamon Sage Lip Balm
  • Gold Mug
  • BKIND Mandarin & Grapefruit Hand Balm

**food items may contain common allergens - dairy, gluten, peanuts / tree nuts, wheat, soy, etc.**

You can customize your own box! Check out the "Custom Box" or "Floral Gift Box" to get started - or call us if you need some help!