Stay Handsome

Stay Handsome

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This box is dedicated the any of the men in your life; significant other, brother, dad, best friend or more. The Stay Handsome box is tailored for just the guys for them to enjoy some treats and tools.

Here's what's in the box:

  • Buck Naked Cedar + Sage Pre Shave Oil
  • Buck Naked Canadian Glacial Clay Shaving Soap
  • Buck Naked Cedar + Amber Post Shave Oil
  • Buck Naked Lip Butter
  • Socks - White Dots
  • Teroforma Whisky Stones
  • Centre & Main Chocolate Bar - Toffee & Potato Chip
  • Centre & Main Chocolate Bar - White Chocolate

**food items may contain common allergens - dairy, gluten, peanuts / tree nuts, wheat, soy, etc.**

You can customize your own box! Check out the "Custom Box" or "Floral Gift Box" to get started - or call us if you need some help!