Wonder Woman Box

Wonder Woman Box

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We have a box that's just perfect for that WONDER WOMAN in your life ❤️⁠

Perfect for your girlfriend, mom, bestie, gal pal, WHOEVER inspires you!⁠

What's in the box:⁠

✨ Celfie Mug⁠

✨ Mèr-Mèr Monoï Fin Soak⁠

✨ Mèr-Mèr Monoï Sea Potion⁠

✨ Babe Balm ⁠

✨ Sleep Mask - floral⁠

Order it to be delivered or picked up, and surprise your very own Wonder Woman with a thoughtful gift to celebrate the woman she is!⁠


You can customize your own box! Check out the "Custom Box" or "Floral Gift Box" to get started - or call us if you need some help!