Modere delivers innovative products-personal care, health & wellness, and household care. Created by nature. Crafted by Modere. A new approach to modern health.

It begins with our clean label approach to product development. We've made a conscious choice to eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in conventional
formulations, because what we leave out is as important as what we include.

The result is a highly innovative, thoughtfully designed collection of products that respect your health - and the environment. We believe our customers should never sacrifice performance for safety, or safety for performance. And with our expansive portfolio of covetable clean label solutions, you don't have to.

Every Modere product is mindfully formulated with thoroughly safety-checked components. This isn't mere lip service. In fact, some of our products have been recognized by highly respected, independent third-party organizations. Our range includes formulations that have earned the EPA Safer Choice label as well as those that are NSF certified, EWG verified, and even confirmed gray water safe. When you reach for a Modere clean label alternative, you may reduce your exposure to the worrisome chemicals and compounds that surround you every day. You begin to transform your home into a haven for your family's health. You make a choice to live clean.

That's what our live clean philosophy is all about.

With Modere clean label products designed to fit your lifestyle, it's an effortless transition. At the end of the day, your family deserves nothing less.