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What are Eucalyptus Shower Bundles?

At the end of a challenging day, nothing sounds better than a long, steamy bath filled with bath bombs and our favourite bath salts – especially during the winter season! 2020 was definitely stressful for all of us, and it’s really no wonder why we’ve all had a few more baths than we’re typically used to. There are so many ways to relieve stress, and a bath is just one of many great options. Maybe you’re looking to switch it up and try something different on your self care journey. So, what are some ways we can take our self care routines up a notch? Simple. Try adding eucalyptus bundles in your shower! 

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Ideas for your Thanksgiving Table

It's Fall! That means we're heading straight into this season with all the excitement because Fall is beautiful and we've been waiting all year for this! One of our favourite things about Fall is Thanksgiving - it's a great opportunity to get the family together (safely), and this season we feel so grateful to have gotten through another year. Thanksgiving has the best food and the most beautiful decor, so we're already in the Thanksgiving mood.

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If you are anything like me and feel we have been stuck inside for more than a lifetime given the weather and the circumstances surrounding us, you too are grappling for any suggestions to help fill the void of isolation, boredom and despair right now.  Florals bring a smile to your face.  Every. Single. Time. In a time of trying to stay home, socially distance and minimize costs in this time of financial strain and uncertainty, treating yourself or someone you know who is stuck at home may be the sweetest gesture.  But how do you keep that gorgeous “pick-me-up” bouquet looking like the day it entered your home for as long as possible?  Floral bouquets do not last forever...

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