Simple Housewarming Gifts

With the housing market heating up this past year, many of us know friends or family members that are buying new homes to start the next chapter in their lives. And what better way to celebrate their exciting new adventure than with a thoughtful housewarming gift?! Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially if you have a strict budget, or don’t know what design aesthetic your recipient has. Luckily, we did all the hard work for you, and compiled a list of our favourite products that would make amazing housewarming gifts for anyone. 


Plants are tried and true housewarming gifts. There’s a reason so many people choose to give plants to their loved ones that have recently moved into their new home. Not only are they a cute gift, but plants also have emotional, mental, and physical benefits for people. Having plants scattered around your home can boost your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and anxiety, and improve your focus. 

Going with a plant as your housewarming gift is a simple choice. You don’t need to worry about your recipient’s design aesthetic because plants go with everything! Plus, you can pair your plant of choice with a ceramic pot to add extra flare. If your recipient doesn’t have much of a green thumb, our succulent plants can still make great gifts. Succulents are considered “easy-to-care-for” plants because they don’t require a lot of work – mainly just sunshine and good soil. 

Bouquet and gift pairing

A bouquet and a small gift are a classic pairing for any gift, especially a housewarming gift. It’s easy to brighten up your loved one’s home with one of our hand-tied bouquets. We take pride in making each bouquet unique, using the photos on our website as inspiration. We use seasonal flowers, and an array of textures and colours to add our own personal flare onto our bouquets. You can feel confident that these bouquets will be a stunning addition to your recipient’s home. 

Try pairing one of our fresh bouquets with a candle, chocolate bar, or greeting card to make this gift even more personalized to the person you’re giving it to. You can never go wrong with a timeless gift like this. 

Floral arrangements

Want to take your housewarming gift up a notch? Our beautiful and fresh floral arrangements are just what you need. Gorgeous fresh flowers and greenery presented in an elegant vase or box sounds like heaven on Earth! This gift idea will surely warm the heart of your gift recipient. No two arrangements look the same, so yours will be unique and special in its own way. You can personalize it further by adding your kind thoughts on a written card, just leave that in the comment section when you order. 

Our floral arrangements can add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any home. Your new homeowner will appreciate the fact that they can reuse the box or vase these arrangements come in. These floral arrangements are great for those working with a bigger budget, or looking to splurge on a wow-factor gift. This gift will definitely bring warmth and happiness to anyone who receives one. 

Mini boxes

Our new mini boxes are a great gift option for those who just recently said hello to a new home, and need a few items to decorate with. Whether your gift recipient is a huge coffee lover, loves a good eco-friendly product, or even just needs creative essentials, we have a box for them! These boxes include a curated selection of products they can snack on, use daily, and incorporate into their new space. Our boxes also come with a bow for that extra special touch. Opting for these thoughtful boxes will definitely make your gift that much more memorable for the person receiving it.

If the three boxes photographed above aren’t your gift recipient’s style, try browsing our box section for more curated boxes! We take pride in having a wide selection of gift boxes, perfect for all occasions. You can even create your own custom box for that special someone!

The ultimate housewarming gift box

Looking for the ultimate housewarming gift? Our brand new housewarming box definitely won’t disappoint. We have gone ahead and hand-picked all of our favourite items that every new homeowner needs in their space, so that you don’t have to! It’s the perfect way to show your love and support towards the gift recipient. This box has a bit of everything in it: two of our most popular mugs, a pouch of our very own coffee beans that we’re happy to grind for you if you prefer, a Buck Naked soap bar, 4 coasters, a small bottle of O&V Tasting Room olive oil, a pair of salad servers, a dishcloth, and a gorgeous wooden serving board. Who wouldn’t love to receive this gift?

There are so many chances to celebrate someone’s progress in life, and we want to help you do that for every occasion. We have gifts for every special moment in life, so be sure to shop the rest of our products online, or stop by in person to say hello. We’d love to see you!