SHOP EASTER NOW! + How to Stylize Your Home With Plants For Spring!

Hey friends! 

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Here's one of our Easter FAVS!

Make your little girl feel so special this Easter by gifting her her very own EASTER BOX! Complete with all the Easter goodies, this is a gift that she will absolutely adore!

Here's what she can enjoy:

  • Plush Lamb
  • Extra Soft Headband
  • Cookie Dough
  • Aide Bodycare Soap
  • Paddleball
  • 2 Centre & Main Chocolate Bars
  • Bathorium Bath Bomb
  • 2 Paper Straws
  • Small Hair Ties in Bunny Holder
  • 2 Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Optional Upgrade - Mini Fresh Hand-Tied Bouquet 

We all know and have experienced the fresh energy that comes from the season of S P R I N G. Things that were dead are coming to life, there is new beauty all around & that energy, EVERYONE needs some of these days. 

One HUGE way you can bring that energy into your home and day to day living is through P L A N T S! 

But how many of us cannot keep them alive, or your artsy attempt at stylizing your home to replicate the talents of say, the beloved Jillian Harris, really turns out to looking like an abandoned greenhouse...

We've all been there. That's why we wanted to highlight 7 ways you can STYLIZE your plants in your home like the pros! AND we've curated a beautiful collection in store & online of plants & pots! Be sure to check them out at the links below!





How To Style Your Houseplants Like A Pro!

  1. Fill empty corners with plants, not furniture! 
  2. Try different shapes & styles to add texture & diversity.
  3. Shelves are to plants, what a vase is to flowers. PUT THEM THERE!
  4. Invest in stylish planters that express your vibe or personality! It's all about what's holding the plants! Whether you're going for a clean black & white look, or want some cute boho accents!
  5. Don't just stock pile ALL the plants in one room, but have a little life in each room! 

And all in all, ENJOY the process, take your time-- breathe in the new life! Happy Spring friends!