If you are here, I know I don’t need to convince you that flowers are the sweetest way I know to freshen up space and add life to any room. 

Your personality is reflected in a flower arrangement, but it is the way you arrange them that adds in the artistry and beauty to your space. 

The choosing of your florals is so personal, and we can all differ on what bouquet strikes us on any given day. The floral choice you or someone has made for you can reflect everything from occasions, mood, preferences and seasons. 

But this is what we all agree on. 

We want them to last as long as possible and most importantly;

Show off their beauty in the best way possible! 


It is so important to take pride in arranging your flowers, whether they be a gift for you or a gift to yourself. Taking the time to gather materials, organize and care for your florals will not only help them last longer but heighten your enjoyment of them. 

Mastering Floral Arranging

Here you have the crucial and creative ways to do just that. 

Prepare and Purge 

Gathering materials as quickly as possible, and making preparation time a priority is essential for your home’s fresh gift. Making sure you have scissors on hand and take the time to give your stems a fresh clean and angled cut at the height you desire. This angled cut will allow the flowers to soak up more water and subsequently live longer. Remove any unwanted leaves or wilted, damaged pieces that will hinder the remains of your bouquet from thriving. Fill your vase half full with water and then add your plant food, which should naturally mix in, but give it a stir to ensure it dissolves.

When it comes to arranging your beautiful florals, the statement “make sure you love it all” applies. Don’t keep anything you don’t love. If there is a stem that is hurting, broken, wilted or damaged, rid yourself of it. Remove anything unwanted leaves. Let it go.

Pick the Perfect Vessel

Sizing up your bouquet for the perfect vase is sometimes tricky. Depending on the length and diameter of your stems, and your desired location will all be determinants for finding your florals the ideal home. Having a variety of vase options is my fave collection to have! I love pretty vases, and they are not only essential to make your bouquets beautiful but are extremely useful. However,  if you don’t have a cupboard ready to select the perfect vase, no worries, you can absolutely improvise with so many household things! 

The main principle for vase selection is choosing one that supports the neck of your bouquet. To further assist, use floral tape (available at your fave floral studio) and cover it with ribbon or greens. If you have colourful flowers, a simple vase is best. However, you can use a colourful vase for neutral flowers. Regardless, see the vessel as an extension and enhancement of your florals. Include greenery or elements such as pinecones, stones or glass to showcase the bottom of your stems also. 

Artistic Arranging

When you are ready to arrange your florals, It is always a good idea to start with the signature blooms in your bouquet. Those Focal flowers always go because they are the ones you want to show off and highlight. So set your eyes first on that prize. This doesn’t mean they are the biggest, it could also be the most colourful or only your favourites. Next, add in the others around it, and then round it out with the foliage. To get further creative, you can mix up various bouquets into one grand arrangement, or divide it into several smaller bouquets. Repetition can be beautiful by repeating it a couple of times instead of just putting them all together in smaller vases. 

The possibilities are endless. I wish you infinite joy creating, arranging, enjoying and preserving your florals.

Want them to last even longer? Take a photo. Floral pics are forever memories to be preserved. Want some help? We got you.

Just want someone to do it for you? We are so down with that!