If you are anything like me and feel we have been stuck inside for more than a lifetime given the weather and the circumstances surrounding us, you too are grappling for any suggestions to help fill the void of isolation, boredom and despair right now. 

Florals bring a smile to your face. 

Every. Single. Time.

Flowers in a Vase.jpg

In a time of trying to stay home, socially distance and minimize costs in this time of financial strain and uncertainty, treating yourself or someone you know who is stuck at home may be the sweetest gesture. 

But how do you keep that gorgeous “pick-me-up” bouquet looking like the day it entered your home for as long as possible? 

Floral bouquets do not last forever but here are my simple tips to help make them last as long as possible! 

Make it easy for your florals to drink! 

Giving an angled cut of the stems with garden shears will allow those thirsty stems to get better water intake and keeps them from lying flat at the bottom of your vase. 

Tips of Flower Stems in Glass Vase.jpg

Remove the Bacteria danger 

After placing in the vase, pruning all the leaves below the waterline will not only make it look better but avoid any bacterial growth. Check your flowers daily to prune drooping petals or leaves so the bacterial rot that goes after your bouquet is minimized. 

Water Essentials

The gateway to life for your flowers! Your freshly cut stems will be thirsty and will thrive better with wise water work on your part. When you first fill your vase, use room temperature water (add-in that packet that has been properly mixed if you received it with your bouquet). Changing your water and cleaning your vase every couple of days will make your florals happy and healthy!

White Iris Flowers on Table in Green Vase on Plain Light Backgro.jpg

Give your flowers a Comfortable Home

We usually want our florals to be in view so we can enjoy them! But they will last longer if you consider their home to be in a room with cool temperatures, avoiding direct sunlight or drafts from wind, vents or ceiling fans that will quickly dehydrate them. If you put your florals to bed in the fridge every evening, you may extend them even longer. Keeping them nice and chilled every night is the best way to keep them fresh for the longest possible time frame. 

Simple Add-ins that help

If you did not receive the powdered flower food with your bouquet, there may be things around your home that you can add to your floral bouquet water that is believed to extend the fresh look of your bouquet. 

  • Soda - The sugar in soda (¼ cup in a vase) may treat your flowers to some extra sweetness!

  • Sugar - Similar to soda, the sweetness of sugar is thought to be a treat for your flowers and extend their life. 

  • Vodka - Adding a few drops of a vodka spirit is thought to slow the wilting of flowers. 

  • Coins - Copper may help blooms open quicker and nicely but may cause early wilting as a result. However, this may be a great option if you are wanting to optimize the look of your florals for a specific event or day. 

To talk to an expert about what choices of flowers will last the longest for you during these indoor times or you have more questions about making your floral bouquet last, let's chat!