Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

This time of year can get so hectic, so if you've found yourself the week of Christmas having not finished your holiday shopping - don't worry, you're not alone! This guide is for our last-minute shoppers (we know that there are many of you), so read on to find out what kind of gifts you should look for when you're shopping last-minute. And trust us, even last-minute gifts can be amazing!

Ready-made gift boxes

Here at Harp & Fin, we find so much joy in curating the perfect gift boxes that will make any recipient feel special and loved. So instead of spending hours trying to create a custom box on your own with gifts that you're not sure are the right ones, stop by our store and grab a gift box that we've already curated for you! We have a large selection of holiday boxes with holiday goodies inside, but we also have boxes that aren't themed to the holidays that still make great gifts this time of year! Whether you're looking for something self-care related, something festive, or something that says "thank you" to your favourite host, you'll be able to find what you need in our Harp & Fin gift boxes.

Bouquets & Arrangements

We truly believe this: florals are ALWAYS a great idea! To purchase floral bouquets or arrangements, we strongly recommending ordering ahead so that we can ensure that we have the blooms you need. You can do this online or by calling the store. But don't fear - if you're even more behind on your shopping than expected, we make a point to have a few pre-made bouquets and arrangements on site leading up to major holidays. And if the holiday rush comes through and we're completely sold out of flowers right before you step inside our store? We'll still have tons of products and even plants to choose from - you won't need to walk out empty-handed!

Floral & Box Subscriptions

This gift just keeps on giving, and everyone who's ever received a subscription from Harp & Fin just LOVES it! For the floral subscription, you can choose between a floral arrangement and floral bouquet, and then choose how long you'd like to keep the subscription for: 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. You'll receive a fresh floral arrangement or bouquet every month until it expires! The perfect way to take someone through the holiday season, into the new year, and past Valentine's Day! If you'd prefer our Seasonal Box subscription, then your recipient will get to enjoy 4 boxes a year, each curated with items that are perfect for that season, and each box is valued at $150-$300! A new box every 3 months, this is our absolutely favourite subscription, and makes a fantastic and very thoughtful holiday gift for the special people in your love.

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Gift Cards

The gift of choice and freedom, a gift card takes the pressure away from you of worrying about the *perfect* gift, and lets your recipient purchase whatever they want from our store! If you're not sure if they prefer flowers over products, or if you know that they're a little pickier than you're ready to shop for, a gift card is never a bad idea. Plus, there are no shipping delays or inventory to worry about, because this gift is instant! Who doesn't love that?

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We've extended our hours to accommodate the holiday rush - and all you last-minute shoppers!
Our hours this week are:
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We can't wait to help you make these holidays magical. Finish off your holiday shopping online or in store - and have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!