Ideas for your Thanksgiving Table


It's Fall! That means we're heading straight into this season with all the excitement because Fall is beautiful and we've been waiting all year for this!

One of our favourite things about Fall is Thanksgiving - it's a great opportunity to get the family together (safely), and this season we feel so grateful to have gotten through another year. Thanksgiving has the best food and the most beautiful decor, so we're already in the Thanksgiving mood.

We may not be able to bake you a pumpkin pie, but we can definitely help you decorate your table for your festivities. We're running a giveaway to win a centrepiece for Thanksgiving that's valued at $100 when you spend $50+ in store or online, and we're also giving you all the tips we know to get your table ready!

Let this guide help you figure out what to shop for your Thanksgiving table, and remember to spend over $50 with us to get entered for a floral centrepiece to complete the look!

Play around with tableware

Have you considered ditching your traditional wine glasses and opting for something with a little more Fall vibes? Or using a more elevated cake stand to show off your Thanksgiving sweets?

This is an easy but very effective swap! Here are some things we carry that you may love for your Thanksgiving table.


Lean into wood elements

It's the season of warm wood scents and cozy feelings, and that means it's time you started leaning into more wood elements to bring the season to your table. We're talking wooden serving trays or charcuterie boards. They're versatile, useful, and play into your Thanksgiving theme without going overboard. Here's an example of what we have and love to use!


Choose the right candles & vases

It's not always an easy choice! But if you opt for more orange and golden tones in your vases & candle holders, then you'll be bringing that warmth that you love into your space and onto your table. Set the mood right with some candelight, and enjoy Thanksgiving basking in that warmth. We love these options for you!


Bonus tip: make a Fall-flavoured drink

A good cocktail never goes out of season! But if you want something that's a little more Thanksgiving appropriate, then we have an amazing tip for you. Grab a Fall-flavoured tea and add your favourite liquor into it! You may be a little wary about mixing tea with liquor, but trust us when we say that the Tealish tea line suprisingly pairs perfectly with most liquors - just pour over ice, add your garnish of choice, and enjoy!

Some Fall flavours for you to choose from:



And of course, no table is complete without FLORALS - be sure to enter our giveaway this month, and consider placing an order so you don't miss the chance to add fresh blooms to your Thanksgiving table. We're already placing our Fall floral orders to our suppliers, so the sooner you place your own Fall orders to us, the better!