Sometimes we think florals are just for special occasions, for the “special moments” of life. And yes, flowers are PERFECT for the special moments of life, because they bring inspiration, joy, they affirm life, and goodness. But why not bring those sentiments into your everyday life?

Florals are for your everyday. Just like purchasing a fresh room spray or piece of accent decor for a room, fresh florals each week for your home can bring such positive energy & atmosphere to your everyday.

Here is some floral inspiration for different areas of your home! We’ve picked a few faves from #Pinterest to kick start your creativity! We’d love to create any of these looks, or anything you may have in mind. Or hey— let us surprise you!


Best Home Office Decorating Ideas On Instagram _ Domino.png

Stay inspired throughout your work day with some bright & fresh florals as the backdrop to your goal getting, email sending, boss babe day to day activities!

 Bedroom Inspo

Afloral Silk Flowers & The Best Ginger Jar Vases   - The Pink Dream.jpeg

Your bedroom is the space where you begin and end your day. You want it to be a place of peace, happiness, inspiration and encouragement. The right floral arrangement on your bedside or dresser can set a mood of beauty & natural order.

Kitchen Inspo

 Farmhouse Sink with White and Gray Marble Counter….jpeg

Many say the Kitchen is the heart of the home. We would probably agree. It’s a place we frequent throughout the day, a place where we prepare food & beverages for our families & friends, for ourselves. It’s a space that should promote good energy while you are trying to quickly get a lunch together, or trying to squeeze in a quick family dinner. The right floral arrangement will bring the right energy & that breath of fresh air, that sigh of relief you just may need when you head to the kitchen.


Bathroom Reveal _ Adore Magazine Editor, Loni Parker.jpeg

Your bathroom is a place you’ll definitely be throughout the day. Whether it’s for your shower, brushing your teeth, washing your face or getting ready for the day. It’s a place of preparation, cleansing & refreshing. Florals can help set that mood of relaxation with spa like intention.


15 Outdoor Dining Table Decorating Ideas to Copy This Season _ Domino.jpeg

Last but not least. We’re all spending a lot of time outside & a lot of that time is often entertaining family & friends. It’s amazing what some floral accents can do for your outdoor dining experiences! We’d love to help create a unique look & feel just for you.


We’d love to help bring beauty to your everyday with florals florals everywhere! Whether it’s for your kitchen, office, bathroom or outdoor space, we are here for you! Got an idea? Got a question? Email us here!