Fall Products You’ll Fall in Love With

It’s no secret that we love fall here at Harp & Fin. The weather is cooler, the foliage is prettier, and everything is cozier. If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace everything the fall season has to offer by doing some autumn-inspired shopping. 

Whether you’re browsing our products for yourself, or looking to purchase a gift for someone you love, we’ve got you covered with a list of autumn-themed products we know you’ll FALL in love with. Get into the fall spirit by shopping the Harp & Fin way, online or at our Kitchener location!


Is it really the fall season if you haven’t already bought a million different fall-themed products? Stocking up on things like candles and skincare is a rite of passage for these cooler months because there’s nothing more cozy than a relaxing spa night. So if you’re a fall lover like we are, you’ll want to snag this Fall Essentials Kit, made up from a Harp & Fin candle and a Koffee Beauty scrub. 

There are different scents to choose from for the candle, so the combinations for this kit are endless. For the candles, you can never go wrong with pumpkin spice if you’re a true fall lover, but you can also try Apple Orchard, Sweater Weather, or Autumn Harvest for amazing fall scents.

This kit can make a great gift for a loved one, or just something to treat yourself with for a comfy night-in. You can also purchase both of these products separately if the kit isn’t something you want, but you save $11 when purchasing the kit. So don’t miss out on this Fall Essentials Kit! Shop them online or in our boutique before they sell out.


What’s better than a warm cup of tea during the fall season? Nothing! If you’re looking to embrace the spooky month of October and get into the fall mood, try the Hocus Focus tea by Tease. This yerba mate and ginkgo brew works to keep you energized throughout the day, so it’s the perfect seasonal drink to sip on before a hectic work day.

If you’d prefer to try another flavour of tea, we have tons more to choose from like Aim Chai, Mate Boost, and Tumeric Tonic. You can even drink these teas cold if you’re more in the mood for an iced drink rather than a hot one. Browse our tea selection online or come by our Kitchener-based boutique.


Fall really gives you a reason to be outside and on-the-go between all the beautiful foliage to see and the fun outdoor activities to enjoy. It’s easy to work up an appetite while you’re busy having fun, and fall-themed snacks are known to be more fun to eat when this cozy season comes. That’s why you need to stop by our boutique and grab a few boxes of the Salted Caramel Pretzels by Fatty Sundays!

Not only are they delicious, but they’re the perfect size for an on-the-go snack! You can easily slip this treat into your coat pocket or bag while picking apples or searching for the best pumpkin in the whole patch. Embrace the fall season by shopping these pretzels online or in-person.


One of the best things about the fall season is being cozy indoors with a warm blanket and your favourite movie playing on the TV. But your cozy night-in definitely isn’t complete without a delicious snack, and you can never go wrong with a chocolate bar. 

Instead of choosing your typical grocery store chocolate, you should treat yourself to a chocolate bar made by an award-winning Canadian chocolatier. Have you tried Centre and Main chocolate? There are so many different flavour options, including some fall-inspired ones like Caramel Apple, Maple-Licious, Maple Glazed Cocoa Nibs, Matcha Latte, and Triple Caramel.

These chocolate bars not only taste amazing, but they look great too. If you’re not looking to fill your own snack drawer this fall, consider surprising a friend or family member with one of these chocolate bars! Shop them online here or come by Harp & Fin in Kitchener.


Embracing the fall season is so easily done with the right products, and hopefully this list of fall-inspired products will help get you in the fall mood. If you’re looking to do more fall shopping, check out our online Fall collection, or shop in-person and browse some exclusive seasonal products only available in our boutique. 

Now that we’ve kickstarted your autumn shopping, don’t forget to read our last blog post about updating your home for fall if you missed it and need some decorating inspo! Enjoy shopping for the fall season!