Back To School Guide

It's that season again, and we can't wait to get back into a routine with our kiddos! Back to school always means restocking on your favourite stationery and office supplies, but you can't forget about your self care this season! Things are about to get BUSY and we want you to be ready for it. That's why we've put together a back to school list that includes EVERYTHING you need - not just a set of the cutest pens!

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Are you ready for it?


We can't put together a back to school list without including stationery - but we made sure that all our stationery is worthy of being included as a must-have! Whether you're looking for something to write in or write with, or you just need to decorate your study space, our Paper & Stationery section has you covered. Here are a few things to look for - and we have so many more colour & design options available! We're talking pens, notepads, motivational prints, notebooks, and stickers!


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Back to school and back to routine means back to stress - and while we wish that wasn't true, we all know it is! The more you have on your calendar, and the more commitments you've signed up for, the more stress you'll feel. So a surprisingly useful back to school item is anything to do with a relaxing bath! Take that end of week soak to the next level with these options! Plus, they're 50% OFF until September 1st - so get them while they're here.


The BKIND bath mix is exactly what you need after a stressful week. Add a touch of softness and freshness to your bath with the Herbal bath mix, made with eucalyptus and fir needle oil. Choose between Floral or Herbal scents!



We love the Mer Mer line of bath products - and feeling like a mermaid is SO FUN! The Fin Soak moisturizes, melts, and nourishes, and the Sea Potion calms, soothes, and removes. The perfect duo.


Bath bombs are so popular for good reason - because watching them fizz up is so fun, and relaxing in the bath is so good. Choose your favourite and get ready to relax on a Friday night. You deserve it!


Back to school means Fall is coming - and that means it's finally candle season again! Level up your study space or your relaxing bath with so many different candles to choose from that are also 50% OFF! More options available in the sale - these are just our faves!


Back to school season is all about getting back into your routines - so it's all about shopping for what will help you get back on track, whether that's stationery, or the best products to help you relax!

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