5 Summer Kitchen Essentials

Summer is the time for backyard parties, big family dinners, cottage trips, and outdoor lounging. None of that is complete without the perfect kitchen essentials for all your summer fun needs. Whether you need something to help keep your drinks cool in the summer heat, or are looking for that missing element to level up your backyard dinners, we have the perfect summer items for you. We’re giving you a list of our top 5 summer kitchen essentials, just in time for all your summer activities and gatherings!

Bamboo straws

Who doesn’t love indulging in a refreshing iced drink during the summer months? An iced coffee or a fruit refresher is something we all love having on a hot summer day, and you need something to help you sip in style and level up your iced drink game. No icy drink is complete without one of the Pokoloko Bamboo Straws. They’re reusable, sustainable, compostable, fair trade, and way more durable than paper straws.
Do your part to help eliminate plastic waste by purchasing your own multi-use bamboo straws. We sell them in a pack of 6, so you’ll have enough for you, your friends, or the whole family! The Pokoloko straws even come with their own cleaning brush to make reusing each straw a total breeze. Trust us when we say that bamboo straws are must-have items to have stocked in your kitchen this summer. 

Insulated wine tumblers

Picture this: you’re sitting by the lake with your feet up on the deck. It’s a warm summer day, and the sun is beaming down on your skin. You reach down to get your glass of wine, only to find that it’s now a warm, undrinkable mess. And even worse? Might even have a little bug in it because the wine wasn’t covered. No one likes when their cold drink turns warm, which is why having an insulated wine tumbler with a lid is a lifesaver for these hot summer months. 
Serving your drink inside an insulated cup can keep it cold for 9 hours, or hot for 3 if you like hot coffees on your morning walks. An insulated wine tumbler is an essential item to have in your arsenal of drinkware for those evenings when a cold glass of wine is needed, or those early mornings where you want to sip your hot coffee without it going cold. These 12oz tumblers are double walled, vacuum-sealed, and shatterproof – for when those accidents happen while you’re busy having too much fun. 

Wood Serving Boards

Summer is all about getting together with friends and family, and what better way to grab the attention of your guests than with a stunning solid wood board in the middle of your table? Our “Gather” wood cutting board is perfect for serving a delicious charcuterie board to your guests on a summer evening. This board is not only functional, but decorative too, since it would look stunning on your countertop when it’s not being used. And if you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to your wood serving boards, we have a beautiful selection of simpler wood boards for all your serving needs.

Salad servers

What summer meal is complete without the perfect salad side dish? A salad is the best thing to serve alongside your main meal during the summer because no matter what veggies or fruit you decide to toss into your salad bowl, it’ll be light and refreshing! Serve your salad comfortably and easily with these wood salad servers that are both functional, and gorgeous. Choose black for a sleek and contemporary look, or stick with the natural stain for a rustic vibe. Either way, this is exactly what you need this summer for your backyard dinners. They might even steal the show away from your delicious dinner!

Flower Wine Goblet Glass

If you’re the friend or family member who loves hosting a good garden party, this goblet glass is a must-have item to compliment the lovely food you worked so hard to make (or order!). Getting into the summer spirit is effortless with this gorgeous, vintage-style Flower Wine Goblet on your table. Serving your drinks from this gorgeous glass will surely level up your dinner table by making even the simplest of drinks look fancy. The intricate details will help set the mood for your backyard garden party and leave your guests stunned — take our word for it!
We hope you’re ready to celebrate in style this summer, especially now with all of these must-have kitchen essentials. To make things easier for you, we’re helping you save big on all your purchases from now until the end of June. Spend $50 or more on anything in store or online with local pickup, and you get a free mini designer’s choice seasonal bunch! Brighten your day and your home with fresh flowers. This deal is not available for those online orders who opt for delivery, so make sure you select local pickup at checkout. No patio table is complete without a gorgeous floral arrangement, fresh from us here at Harp & Fin. Happy summer and happy shopping!