5 Steps to Better Sleep

The days are longer and the sun is shining - but switching into Daylight Savings Time takes a toll on your sleep schedule! With this week of March being Sleep Awareness Week, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that a good sleep routine can be HARD to achieve. But good news - it’s not impossible! Here are 5 proven steps to better sleep:

Finish as much of your to-do list as possible

It can be hard to shut your brain off at night, but it’s proven that if you end your day feeling accomplished, you’re less likely to stress. When you feel like you’ve completed the most important tasks, there’s less to keep you up at night, and that sets you up for a better night’s sleep! Feel like you need to get organized before you can get through your to-do list? Check out our paper & stationery section if you need to write your tasks down, and try out our Harp & Fin original coffee if you need that buzz to get you going!

Declutter your bedroom & surround yourself with items that help you relax

Do you know that feeling you have when your sheets are freshly washed, your laundry is done, and your bedroom is relaxing and inviting? It’s a feeling that can’t be beat, so once you’ve cleared your mind for the night, make sure your bedroom will keep that feeling going. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, and better sleep can’t happen with a cluttered mind. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis! The right decor can help.

Choose the right scents

Aromatherapy is so popular, and for good reason! Whether you want to set the stage with a room & linen spray (spray your pillow!), or want to light a scented candle to release that relaxing scent into the air, playing around with scents might just be the key to your best sleep ever. It’s an underrated hack to better sleep!

Take a relaxing bath or shower

Your mind is ready, your bedroom is ready, and now you just need to get ready! Take some much needed me-time and draw yourself a bath with your favourite bath bomb or bath salts! If you’re more of a shower person, then don’t forget to grab a fresh eucalyptus bundle to hang in your shower for some added self-love. Check out our latest blog post to learn more about Eucalyptus Shower Bundles.

Turn your screens off before you climb into bed

It’s bedtime! One of the most crucial steps to take in your bedtime routine is to turn your screens off. Whether you set an alarm to remind yourself it’s time to put your phone away, or you don’t even bring your phone with you into the bedroom, do your best to stay away from screens (and this includes watching Netflix in bed!) Instead, pick up a book and read for 30 minutes, or spend 10 minutes doing some light stretches. Your body will thank you, and you’ll make your way into dreamland much easier.

Adequate sleep is essential to a healthy life, so if your sleep schedule hasn’t been optimized yet, it’s time to start. Start your better sleep journey - if you try any of our suggestions, let us know how it goes!